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Five Word Friday

Today’s five words are about poetry.

1. Rhyme – That’s when words are kind of like each other. Kind of. I’m kind of like the dog planter. Kind of….

2. Alliteration – That’s when words start the same. Lots of Mom’s sentences start out the same. They are usually, “Cupcake…” and “Cupcake!….” and “CUPCAKE!!…” And then, “Ugh!”

3. Haiku – Bless you.

4. Imagery – That’s when words make a picture. Why can’t a picture make a picture? Like this!

5. Onomatopoeia – Thats when a word sounds like a sound. Like bow-wow, woof, ruff, slurp, meow, tick-tick-tick, and bzzzzzzz. That last one is the dreaded sound of the evil mechanical hamster. Soon, I am hoping to make the sound of CRUNCH, RRRIP, and SMUSH with that horrible thing.

Comments on: "Five Word Friday" (7)

  1. Haiku – Bless you. OMG LOL EIEIO! Too funny. Great post, Cupcake. You are so smart.

  2. LOL! Great post! You know Cupcake, you and our lil Hallie have the same eyes… the intelligence, piercing look, the love, the humor and more is all there. Everytime we see you we think you are the cutest! BUt, we also we look at lil Hallie and wonder at how you both have such similar eye expressions.. 🙂 A big hug from the collies ! 🙂

    • Nothing is snugglier than a collie hug! Thank you for seeing the intelligence in lil Hallie and me. Mom can’t see anything in my eyes except confusion, most of the time.

      Love and licks,

  3. O, Cupcake, the resemblance… LOL 😀

  4. I love the pictures, especially the first one – that is an amazing Cupcake look alike model!

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