Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. Mom likes this month, because she likes writing poems. Sometimes she writes poems about me. She has also written poems about monsters, an egg, fog, peas, a bear, a puppy named Simon, teachers, the dentist, and haircuts. And lots and lots more.  She is a poetry freak.

Speaking of freaks, in honor of Poetry Month, Mom is writing a poem about my new toy. It’s a horrifying, scary battery operated hamster that rolls around in a mysterious, awful plastic ball.

Mom said, “Why are you hiding?” and “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of your new toy!” and “I want my $10 back!” 

Here’s her poem….  

Hamster in a ball, are you running or rolling?

I think I can use you when I practice bowling!

Hamster in a ball, with your feet made of wheels,

I cannot imagine how that plastic ball feels.

Hamster in a ball, are you sleeping or resting?

Is your battery dead, or are you just jesting?

Mom said I could write the last verse of the poem.


What d’you know.  This poetry writing is easier than it looks!

Comments on: "National Poetry Month" (12)

  1. I love your poem! so much fun… well for us … outside the ball! 😉

  2. Cupcake, OMG! I laughed my head off. That was the funniest ending to a poem that I ever read. Keep up the good work. Love and hugs and kisses and stuff…

    • Thanks, Gemma. I have always said that you GET me. Now if only somebody could GET this heinous breeder of discord out of here….

      Love and frightened licks,

  3. Great poetry!!! You Cupcake are one fo the cutest lil canine friends we have. We love seeing your expressions in your pictures…
    Lots of Collie Hugs,
    the collies and chuck 🙂

    • Thanks, Chuck and the Collies. Mom has started letting me eat treats out of the horrible hamster’s ball. She says it will make me less afraid. I do love treats, but I can’t guarantee that hamster’s safety if she leaves it out of the ball for long.

      Love and licks,

  4. Cupcake, you are a poetic genius! 🙂

  5. Hilarious! That cupcake is quite a poet.

  6. I totally empathise with the feelings expressed in your verse Cupcake. If it was me I would take the thing outside and take it apart with my teeth!

  7. Cupcake, I can’t stop laughing. This is so funny, you’re the best poetry dog ever LOL 😀

  8. […] of her ideas will become picture book manuscripts. Some will become poems. One of them might become the elusive Book #2 or eBook #2. Some of them stink so bad that they will […]

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