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Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat was back again last week.  Mom hung out with him at her old school where she used to be a teacher.  She read stories and poems to some third graders for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. She did not read Cat in the Hat, AND thank goodness she didn’t bring him home with her.  Cats are dangerous.  They could scratch my nose, or I could accidentally chew them like a squeaky toy.

Mom likes reading stories to kids.  She said, “It makes me feel like a teacher again.” and “Those third graders were great listeners and LOTS of fun.” and “Why does this squirrel only have three legs?”

I don’t know why Mom had to go to school to read.  She reads stories out loud to herself all the time around here.  Today, she read one story that she wants to show to her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid.  Then she read a story that she wants to send to a publisher.  Then she read another story that she is entering in a contest.  Stories, stories, stories!

In a couple of weeks, Mom will go to visit some kids and librarians at a middle school.  I will look out the window with my sad face on and watch her leave.  She will talk about being an author AND read them stories! Soon after that, she will go to visit some 5th graders, and guess what she’ll do there. Read stories AGAIN!   

I can’t wait till Mom’s story about me gets published.  Then I will not watch sadly out the window.  I will go with her and we will read stories to the kids together.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Cupcake – how can she leave that sad sad face?! You are very kind and generous to let her go without you – it just shows what a very good dog you are. And you are right – when her book about you gets published you will be a huge asset to her presentations. If she hasn’t read you Officer Buckle And Gloria yet, she should! 🙂

  2. Cupcake, I’m sure the children would love to have you there while your Mom reads to them! 🙂

  3. Cupcake, Mom’s day and yours will come. I can feel it in my bones. And no. They’re not the kind of bones you can hide. So forget that!
    Hang in there. ( Have you ever seen that cat poster? Oops. Cat. sorry 🙂 )
    Just keep us posted on the progress. Rocky and Marshall have got their paws crossed.

    • Bones, YAY! Thanks for saying my favorite word, Gemma. My treats are shaped like bones, and they are delicious. Also, sometimes they’re shaped like slices of pizza, hunks of meat, slices of bacon, and strips of chicken. They are ALL my favorite words!!

      Love and licks and some drool,

  4. You’re right about cats being dangerous. I can vouch for that. But that will be so cool when you get to go with your mom while she reads the story about you.

  5. Your mom is enjoying herself 🙂 I like Laurie’s suggestion – perhaps you could go with your mom. I am sure that the children would love to see you!

  6. Bubba already loves Dr Seuss! I dream of one day doing a book tour that I can take my 3 kids on. Maybe just Bubba if we had to do a book tour overseas though 🙂

    • BumpyRoadtoBubba, you really know how to dream big dreams! You’re preparing for an overseas tour, and all I want is to visit the school around the corner! I hope ALL our dreams come true!

      Love and licks,

  7. Don’t look so sad, Cupcake, maby you could learn some ballerina moves in the meantime, untill your mom gets home. Looks good with your coming tutu and it’s quite stunning when your mom brings you to school after your story is published. Besides that, dancing is a good relaxation 🙂

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