Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Getting Started Day 3

Tip #3 – WRITE!!

When I was younger (and naughtier), I chewed a pen, a notebook, a box of crayons, and some colored pencils. So I think I may actually be a writer AND illustrator. Mom says, “Stick to blogging.” and “You’re going back to obedience school!”

Mom writes every single day. You can’t be a writer if you don’t write. When you start out, you have to try not to be too picky. Make it a goal to get from the beginning of a story to the end. When you get there, THEN you can be picky. The revising and tightening is a good time to look with a critical eye.

That’s when you need to make sure every word moves the story along, every character has a purpose and a personality, and you’re showing more than you’re telling.

Good luck in your writing future.  Do not fear the rejection.  It is only a stepping stone to the success. I love stepping stones.  Once at the park, we walked along some stepping stones, and I found a piece of a jelly sandwich.  Stepping stones are awesome!

Comments on: "Getting Started Day 3" (11)

  1. Cupcake, it looks as though you have a try discerning eye. And I think you should write Ode To A Jelly Sandwich 🙂

    • Thanks, Donna and Susanna! I do wish I could be a writer like Mom. She’d bang out that jelly sandwich story/poem in a flash. She MAY be doing it right now!

      Love and (jelly-flavored) licks,

  2. Donna Martin said:

    I love stepping stones too, Cupcake! Where would we be in life without them? And I agree with Susanna about the Jelly Sandwich story…lol

  3. Stepping stones with hidden goodness of Jelly Sandwich treasures…I would find them to be awesome too. I love you Cupcake. A visit t you brightened my day!

  4. Hey there Cupcake,
    Good job again! Tell your Momma to go over to my blog and get her award.(and don’t forget to remind her it’s because of you!)

  5. Very cute blog, Cupcake! Love all your poses.

  6. Critical eye. Funny. Good advice, girlfriend. I like the looking around. I do it all the time, but I don’t write it down. Thanks. I keep thinking I can keep things in my head, but those days are over. Now, where did I put my pen again?

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