Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Getting Started

My mom is a children’s writer. She wrote a book called Keep Your Ear on the Ball (Tilbury, 2007) and some magazine stories called: The Perfect Friend, Blueberry Farm, and Vincent’s Doghouse. She wrote a story about me called Cupcake Learns, but so far, it’s not published. When it is, I’ll finally be allowed to go with her when she does school visits and author talks. Yay. No more looking out the window for me.

She wants me to share some of her favorite tips about being a writer. I will post one tip today, one tomorrow, and one the next day. By then you will totally be a pro and I will totally take a few days off to play and sleep and play and sleep and play and play and sleep. 

Tip #1- READ

I don’t know how to read (or fetch or roll over), but I do enjoy licking library books, tasting the Kindle, and sleeping on the iPad. If you’re human and you want to write picture books, you need to read picture books – lots and lots of them. Not only can you discover the topics that are popular (and the ones that are done-to-death), but you can also feel the rhythm and see the styles that work (and sell). Use the library and the bookstore to read the newest books you can find. See what works, what fails, what makes you say, “Wow,” and what makes you say, *yawn* “Aargh.” and “Whatever.”

Comments on: "Getting Started" (14)

  1. Cupcake is very wise. Especially with those glasses on! 🙂

  2. Cupcake, does looking at the pictures count as reading? I can’t read either but I get my person to do it for me.

  3. We love your words of wisdom, Cupcake! You look so fabulous in that photo with your book and glasses!!

    Kudos to your mom on all of her great accomplishments! We, too, look forward to the day Cupcake Learns gets published– if it’s about you and your mom wrote it, we know it has to be great!!

    Have a great weekend, Cupcake and G 🙂

  4. Cupcake, I missed you! Glad to know you were catching up on your reading in the middle of all that playing…;0)

    Nice post!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my blog today, Donna! If I ever learn to read, I think reading will be fun. For now, I’ll settle for looking smart in my glasses and searching for pictures of dogs.

      Love and licks,

  5. You look very knowledgeable, Cupcake! Do you get to listen to the stories? Which is your favorite so far?

    • Thanks, Susanna! I only like stories about myself or other dogs. Those are always my favorites. If a story has no dog, or heaven forbid a c-c-c-cat! NO! I am not on board.

      Love and licks,

  6. Love the glasses. Love the tip. Top two? Can’t wait.
    Keep ’em coming, cutie.

  7. Are you sure you can’t read Cupcake? You look very learned wearing glasses 🙂

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