Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


The other night, I wore my polka-dot dress to the TheraPet Annual Pet Party. I looked super-cute.

Last year, I was afraid of the doggie games, so we had to leave early, on account of the shivering. This year, I played ALL the games …..and lost them ALL. 

Mom said, “You win some, you lose some.” and “It’s how you play the game.” and “Come back here with that stuffed crab! That’s not fetching!”

I did earn a certificate for one year of Therapy Service, but the games took me down. In some of them, I came in dead last! Fetching – UGH! Mom says we’ll practice some more. Double-UGH! 

Mom loses sometimes, too.

Rejection letters.  Dead last. Book #2 is turning into Mom’s fetching. She tries and tries, but gets it wrong, anyway. I know the feeling.


She still keeps on writing stories, though. She says, “It’s what writers do.” and “This could be The One.” and “Come back here with that stuffed fish! THAT’S NOT FETCHING!”

Rejection happens, but it’s how you play the game. In between working on her new stories for 12x12in’12, Mom is revising and submitting and revising and working with DavidLaurieAndOtherDavid.  Then she revises and revises some more. That’s how she plays the game.

Today she kind of, sort of won one – maybe.  An online magazine asked her to revise and shorten her story named Too Many Pets.  They may want to buy it.  It’s not Book #2, but it’s something.  It’s definitely better than fetching!

Comments on: "Losing" (17)

  1. Good news from the online magazine! Take the good, leave the bad…

    • Thanks Julie, Beth, Susanna, and Cathy!

      We DO like the winning better than the losing, so Mom is getting good at letting it go. I was always good at letting it go. Sometimes playing feels just as good as winning.

      Love and hope,

  2. Cathy Ballou Mealey said:

    Oh Cupcake – your brown eyes melt my heart! Good news for Mom though!

  3. Cupcake, my way of looking at it is sometimes you win first and sometimes you win last. Yay for your Mom! Sounds like she’s heading for a win, if not now, then soon, because she has the right attitude.

    (The definition of “fetching” is altogether in the mouth of the beholder.)

  4. Cupcake…I love you!!!!!
    Why your mommy has turned YOU into a book is my question?!
    You are too cute. Keep up the support!
    Sheri Cook/Happy Horse Studio

  5. My person says she hopes your mom gets her story sold – and that the right time for the book comes and someone decides to publish it. And if you want Cupcake, I can give you fetching lessons.

  6. Cupcake, you’re the best! It sounds like you really tried your best at your party and that’s really all that counts. You must have a really great Mom to have learned such a good lesson! I hope you gave her a hug when she got those rejection letters, but did the happy dance for her with that potential good news about the online magazine submission!

  7. It think Beth said it perfectly 🙂

  8. You can’t win if you don’t play. You and mom both never stop playing so you’re bound to win. I know mom claims not to be good at math, but the odds are in your favor when you persist. Trust me. 😉

    • We do hate Math, Gemma, but Mom understands In-It-To-Win-It. She’s in it like a dog with a bone. I’m practicing Doggie Bowling, so I can Win-It at the next Pet Party.

      Love and licks,

  9. Congrats on your recent job from the online magazine– that sounds great! Rejection is no fun but you take the good with the bad and have faith that something great will happen along the way!

    We think you looked super cute in your outfit, Cupcake! We think you are a STAR–you will win it all next time!!!!! Congrats on your certificate of 1 year of therapy service– that is awesome!

    • Thanks, LOMD! Mom is already practicing doggie bowling with me. I think I could learn this thing, if only I don’t accidentally run off with the pins.

      Love and licks,

  10. Congrats on the magazine story. You will get there with book #2. Keep sending it out. I love Cupcake’s dress.

  11. […] Mom gets her scores, she looks carefully at what went wrong and fixes the story up. There are little changes like tweaking the opening to make the conflict clearer. And big changes […]

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