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Snow Circles

Well, the snow is here, finally, and Mom wrestled me into my parka.  Was it worth it?  YES!  I ran around and around and around in a thousand circles, until Mom was dizzy and I was exhausted.  It was awesome!

Mom said, “Writers understand circles.” and “Stories sometimes create circles.” and “Slow down, you crazy little girl! My head is spinning!”

Lots of Mom’s stories circle around to the beginning at the end.  It wraps up the story with a nice, neat, satisfying finish. It’s her favorite kind of ending to read AND to write. Her story, Chasing Chester starts with Bo chasing a runaway dog to a place they visit every week and ends with Bo chasing the dog back home.  Nice, neat, satisfying.  Her story, Cupcake Learns starts with a dog watching her sister come back home from doing therapy work and ends with Cupcake coming back home from doing therapy work herself. Nice, neat, satisfying, and yes, it’s about ME!!  Mom does write stories that don’t have dog characters in them, but frankly, who cares!

Mom said, “Being a writer results in a lot of circles, besides the ones in the stories.” and “Writing is a big, continuous circle.” and “Sit still so I can take your picture.”

When Mom writes the last word of a new story, she goes back to the beginning and fixes it.  She fixes it all the way through.  Then she goes back to the beginning and fixes it some more, and some more, over and over.  Finally, she brings it to her writing group called DavidLaurieandOtherDavid.  They say things about the story, and just like she never fixed it at all, Mom goes back to the beginning and starts fixing it again. Around and around and around, until MY head is spinning!

I can’t wait till she’s finished fixing so we can go back outside in the snow.  Maybe I’ll even let her put my boots on me.  They will help me run in faster circles.


Comments on: "Snow Circles" (12)

  1. So true about the circles – they make for satisfying stories! have fun in the snow, Cupcake! your parka looks very cozy and bright!

  2. Love the connection between your doggy circles and Mom’s writer circles 🙂 Very clever!!
    PS Harley LOVES clothes and running in circles, too. I think you two would love each other!

    • I know that Harley rocks. I saw him playing with the iPad. I love Mom’s iPad. Mostly, I fall asleep on it or drool on it, but once, I accidentally typed a bunch of QQQQQQQQ’s with my ear.

      Love and licks,

  3. What an adorable dog. I enjoyed reading your post.

    • Thanks for saying I’m adorable, Melissa. You seem nice, but *gulp* does that say g-g-g-groomer in your name? That is NOT my favorite word. Please don’t give me a bath! Or brush my teeth. Or comb my fur. Or clean my ears. Or cut my nails. Thank you.

      Love and licks,

  4. Cupcake, I hope your mom finishes her circles soon so you can go back and run your circles. Playing in snow is so much fun.

    • I DID run in a few more circles this morning, Bongo, but then my feet were cold, so I pretended to limp and we came home to warm up. It works every time.

      Love and limps,

  5. A story about you! Fun! Snow? Not so fun, for me. But it looks like you had a blast. I just don’t want any snow days this year, so keep it up there. It would only lengthen my ‘stay’. You know what i mean. 😉 Run, Forest! Run! I hope it doesn’t get too deep. You”ll disappear!

    • Hi Gemma,
      I had a snow day yesterday from working at the VA. I like snow days, but I get what you mean. When it comes to school, it’s more like, “Let’s just DO THIS!” When I went to obedience school, I loved each day, but was super happy when I graduated. Soon, you will graduate. Then you and Mom and me can hang out.
      Love and licks,

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