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Countdown Wednesday

Wednesday? Maybe.  Here we are 14 days into the new year, and Mom is killing it on her resolutions.  She’s reading and writing like a demon.  If you click the 2012 Reading Challenge link over on the right, you can see how many books she’s read so far.

She’s also written her January story for 12x12in2012.  Done.  It’s actually in the mail, since it’s her entry for The Highlights Annual Fiction Contest.

Mom isn’t the only one.  I have had a productive 14 days, too. I licked some of the books Mom brought home from the library.  They tasted good, in a sweaty-kid, grimy-hands kind of way.  I was also INTERVIEWED for a blog called For The Love of Dogs.  It’s my first interview ever, so I am super excited!  You can read my interview here, tomorrow.

Mom and I want to countdown some fun things about 2012, so far.  Me first.

My Favorite 2012 Things

3.  My interview! I’m hoping people will read about me and my life (the sad parts and the happy ones), and learn how important it is to consider a rescue when they want a new pet.

2. Christmas toys. I have a ton of new toys, which have turned out to be FUN. I learned my IQ Puzzle like crazy and every day, Mom fills it with treats and I “practice” getting them out.  It’s my most yummy trick ever!

1. No snow. I actually enjoy snow, but Mom is out of control with the coat.  I’ll take no snow if it means no coat.  I used to eat my coat when I first came here, but now I know there’s no point to that.  She just buys me another one

Mom’s Favorite 2012 Things

3. Keeping resolutions. Mom is feeling proud, pressured, motivated, and hopeful.  Maybe one of the 12×12 stories she writes in the next few months will turn out to be a winner.

2. My interview! Mom loves it when I talk about myself.  She says my story can be inspiring, except the parts where I’m a little naughty.

1. Snow! Mom hopes for snow.  She says it’s a good excuse to stay in and work on stories and poems and a good excuse to go out and take pictures of me in my COAT!  Ugh.


Comments on: "Countdown Wednesday" (14)

  1. Cupcake, I know how you feel about coats, but at least you look like quite the fashion model 🙂 I especially like the black pawprints – very dalmation 🙂 Over at my blog we celebrated my Brown Dog’s fifth birthday yesterday – there was cake involved 🙂 She is a rescue, too, as is my other dog. We will look forward to your interview!

    • Susanna, your Brown Dog is cute as a buttermilk biscuit! I love her! I wish we could go to kindergarten together, now that we’re both 5! We would sit at the same table, lick the fingerpaints, chew the paper, and eat the crayons. What a blast!

      Love and licks,

  2. Cupcake you are absolutely adorable! By the way you look awesome in your coats, and so cute too! You should reconsider not liking them! I am going to subscribe to your blog here, because I miss my dogs so much. I had four of them they were all rescues, but life took a turn for the hard and I had to find them homes. Well all except my special Tuxedo, he passed over the rainbow bridge at 17 years old. I have to correct myself he was not a rescue, it was after him I started taking home dogs who needed good homes. When I get to a place where I can have dogs again, I plan on two! I can tell you Moses is very happy he went to a ranch and he became best friends with a lama. Bunny went to an older lady who needed to feel needed again, and Bunny needed that (best of all no kids there) Bunny was born blind and had seizures. She had three homes before she came to my house at 6 mos old, cause she had health problems. Ebby had been abused and she was afraid to show any attention, she also went to live on a farm with a great family. Meowy the cat, eventually had to go live with Moses at the ranch, because my oldest daughter became allergic to her. That was hard too!

    So I look forward to hearing about all your adventures with your cool Mom! Oh and can you give her a message? Since she is a writer! I just wanted to let her know about the writing contest we are having for Charity. I know it is a little out of her genre, but it is for charity, and we are planning to have a lot of fun. You two can check it out here on one of my blogs: Also I have a blog here on WordPress it is I have some cool pics up today of some of my drawing and a drawing lesson, and I figured since you like art and chewing up crayons, you might enjoy that blog too.

    Oh man! I got carried away telling you about my puppies that I miss so bad I ended up making this really long… I seem to do that a lot on here!
    Peace and Harmony, or hugs and licks,

    • Yours was my longest comment ever, Sallyjane! I’m glad you like my coats. I had some other ones in between, but I ate them and they were delicious. I’m glad your pets have good, happy homes. That’s what it’s all about, after all…. I hate when life takes a “turn for the hard”, but I am living proof that even after the turn, things can get good again. Hang in there.

      Love & happy thoughts,

  3. Omgoodness, I love this post! So cute! Looking forward to your interview!

  4. I will be honest and say, I had to stifle a giggle seeing your coats…. but you do look cute! Except the pink one, definately not pink…lol.
    By the way…. that pic of the books. That grabed my attention…. I have been there, looked down that… its in Prague, and I have taken the same picture. Must look for it to show you sometime.
    Sounds like you had a good Xmas. Will catch up with you again, I’m sure, since your Mum and I are doing the 12×12 together.

    • We love your name, PatientDreamer. Mom says she is an IMpatient Dreamer. Sounds like the same thing to me…. Mom took that book-swirl picture from Goodreads. It’s their badge for the 2012 Reading Challenge. We didn’t even know it was a real thing.

      Love & licks,
      PS. Pink is my favorite color.

  5. Nice coats, Cupcake. Interview? Exciting to say the least. I can’t wait. What are you wearing? Kidding. Good luck and I’m looking forward to reading all about it. Tell mom I’m surprised mom said the ‘d’ word. 12x12in 2012 – done. If its off and in the mail to Highlights its just beginning. Also, congratulations on all the friends your made. Your blog is getting a lot of attention. Good dog. ❤

    • Thanks, Gemma. We have made some new friends from 12x12in2012. They are nice. You are right about Highlights. It will be an amazing new beginning for Mom. Plus, now that the January story is finished, she is working on the February one and already has an idea for March. Cross your fingers. I am crossing my paws.

      Love & Good Karma,

  6. Great post Cupcake – very upbeat and positive (except for the coat) 🙂 Well done to your mom for tackling her resolutions with so much energy and enthuisiasm – keep it up! x

  7. Cupcake, tell you mom congratulations on keeping up with her writing and reading resolutions. Congratulations on your interview. I’m looking forward to reading it. I think mine’s going to be on there soon.

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