Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom keeps asking me the same question over and over.  Do you want a spankin’? I don’t know why she keeps saying it, because she never gives me the spankin’.

I’m not sure what spankin’ is, but it sounds a LOT like bacon, and I love bacon.  Every time she asks me this question, I get very happy and excited.  I run around in circles, and slide into the kitchen where the treats live.  I think the spankin’ must be in there.

Asking questions is Mom’s specialty. She says it’s part of being a writer. And a little left over part of being a teacher. When she works on stories she asks herself questions the whole time. “Can this opening sentence capture the reader?” and “Is there enough conflict?” and “Are you trying to steal that bag of cookies? Do you want a spankin’?”

Spankin’! Yay! Maybe this time it’s for real!

Comments on: "Spankin’" (8)

  1. I bet if you steal those goodies off the table you’ll find out what a spankin’ is. They look pretty good though. Save one for me.

  2. A spankin’ is not very nice Cupcake – best avoided! 🙂

  3. Maybe if you don’t steal the cookies she’ll give you bacon instead.

  4. Spankin’? Bacon? Tough love? Pork? I’ll take the pork over the tough love any day. Whatever. Enjoy and happy new year 🙂

  5. Tough? Gulp. I don’t like the sound of that at all! Even when it’s followed by the word love, which is one of my favorites. I only like things that are simple …. And show how cute I am.

    Love and simplicity,

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