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Award – Part Two

As a recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award, I need to share 10 things you may not know about me. This is my dream come true because I LOVE to talk about myself!  Here goes….

1. Long ago, when I lived in a shelter for homeless animals, my name was Ka-Ka.

2. Mom found me at a rescue/adoption event. I was older and smaller than she thought she wanted, but she immediately loved me too much to leave me there.

3. Mom said Ka-Ka was a disgusting name, so she changed my name to Cupcake because I am so sweet and not disgusting at all.

4. Before Mom found me, I had 3 puppies. They were also sweet, and they were adopted when they were very little.

5. I wasn’t adopted till I was 3 years old. I weigh 21 pounds.

6. I studied very hard at obedience school and passed a test to become a certified therapy dog. I visit the Veterans’ Home to make people smile and the public library to listen to kids read stories.

7. I love to eat, but I hate to chew, so Mom soaks my food in warm water to make it soft for me.

8. Once I ate one of Mom’s pills and she had to make it come out of my tummy – the hard way. Yuck.

9. I am afraid of balloons, soccer players, empty water cooler bottles, yellow caution tape, elevators, the mailman, automatic doors, and sometimes my water bowl.

10. Even though Mom brushes my teeth every day with vanilla toothpaste, my breath smells like sauerkraut. I never ate sauerkraut, but I think it is probably delicious.

Comments on: "Award – Part Two" (8)

  1. Joan Tortorello said:

    If you said the name KaKa in 5th grade they would laugh for a month. At least a month.

  2. Cupcake is a much nicer name!

  3. You are not just a Cup Cake, you re the whole bakery section at Wegman’s. ( that is one ton of sweetness ) ❤

  4. Congratulations on your award. I loved learning the ten things about you.

    • Thanks, Bongo! I’m so happy that you learned things about me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE telling about myself. I guess you do too. That’s why we’re blogging dogs!
      Love & licks,

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