Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


What a wonderful surprise Mom and I received today! Our loyal friends at Bassa’s Blog gave us an award! An award! I mean, I can’t eat it or play with it, but Mom was so excited about it that I got excited too. Yay! Award! 

The Kreativ Bloggers Award has two rules. It must be passed on to 6 other bloggers. Plus, and this is my favorite part, I get to tell 10 facts about myself that nobody else knows. 

Here are six blogs that Mom and I like to read: 

1. We MUST start with Bassa and her tall person. Even though they already have this award, we wish to give it to them again. We love their photos and descriptions of life in The Republic of Georgia. It’s an exotic place,  VERY different from NJ, and Bassa’s exciting adventures with her tall person always make us smile.

2. Another blog that we enjoy is very new, but very fun. It’s called First and Fabulous, and it’s fabulous. Mom likes it because it’s written by a teacher and talks about absolutely nothing, like somebody called Seinfeld. I like it because the teacher has two handsome dogs named Marshall and Rocky. They might be my boyfriends, but I’m not sure.

3. Another teacher blog that mom likes is Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog. Mrs. Cassidy is a teacher in Moose Jaw, Canada and her students all have blogs of their own even though they’re only 6 years old. They blog and Skype about all the smartie things that they learn. I think Mom appreciates this because it is very difficult for me to learn smartie things.

4. House of Jeffers is a blog about fashion. Mom loves reading about fashion and seeing pictures of amazing outfits and accessories. She says, “That looks awesome.” and “Those heels are really high.” and “Stop chewing my sleeve.”

5. Mom and I say prayers every day for Baby Annabelle. Mom reads the blog written by Annabelle’s mom so we can keep up on Annabelle’s development and her recovery from a heart transplant. Mom thinks it must be scary for such a tiny baby to need a new heart. If a new heart is like a new toy, I think it would be fun.  Mom says, “That’s not what it’s like.”

6. Since Mom is a children’s writer, she always reads Laura’s Life. Laura is a 6th grader who writes book reviews. If Laura likes a book, Mom says, “Maybe I’ll take a look at it.” Then she goes to Barnes and Noble and I watch out the front window till she comes home.

Tomorrow, I will tell you ten things you probably don’t know about me.  Don’t freak out from the suspense.  If you freak out, you might end up in your crate.

Comments on: "AWARD!" (3)

  1. Well I’ll be dipped? Congratulations! You’re like a Timex watch. Ya just keep on ticking. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. Writers write. And get published. And get awards. And I checked out the blogs you listed. Fun. Interesting. Gripping. Oh and thanks for including me. It’s a blast and again I have your mom to thank. For turning me on to blogging. It’s the next best thing to writing that novel that I’ve started a gazillion times. Carry on. Tick, tick, tick… 😉

  2. Congratulations Cupcake and thank you very much for also awarding it to Bassas Blog. I am very honored. Thank you! I have not come across the blogs you have passed the award to so I will drop by them and say hi 🙂

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