Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!



On Tuesday (not really), Mom took this picture of me.  I’m standing by my collection of stuff to wear. There are dresses, coats, collars, bandanas, sweaters, hats, and even a couple of pairs of boots (on account of me having 4 feet). Lots and lots of outfits! Today we went to Petco and I got a new dress and a new coat. Mom says, “You can never have too many clothes.” and “This coat will be nice and warm.” and “Do you have to smell every single piece of rawhide in the entire store?”

Inside Mom’s computer she has a whole collection of stuff, too.  There are long stories, short stories, poems, haikus, rebus stories, and rhyming stories (on account of her being an author and a poet). Lots and lots of writing! Mom still writes new things all the time anyway. She says, “When you’re a writer, you write, revise, write, revise, get ideas and write and revise some more.” and “Today I will write a poem about training wheels.” and “Are you eating the Petco receipt?”

Each time I work at the VA Home or at Read to a Pet Night at the library, Mom looks at my collection of clothes and picks the outfit that looks the best. When she works on submitting things to publishers or decides what to send to her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid, Mom picks a story or poem that she’s worked on for a long time. She says, “This one is ready to go.” and “Get your porcupine ball out of your water dish.”

Now, Mom and I will wait for the acceptance letter to come. I hope when she gets it, we can celebrate with a trip to Petco. I think I missed sniffing a couple of pieces of rawhide…

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  1. I am still chuckling from the previous reference to the writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid 🙂 🙂

  2. Sniff on, my friend. You can never sniff too much rawhide, or eat too much cake, or write too many stories. The outfits are so fabulous, by the way. Do you also accessorize? My on line dictionary says ‘well dressed women assessorize according to the occasion.’. You appear to have lots of reasons to accessorize. So many places to go, and people to see. You go, girl!

    • YES, Gemma, I DO accessorize. I’m glad you asked! All my seasonal and colorful collars are custom made for me by Lollipup Collars. There’s a link to their web site on Mom’s Blogroll. You sound like you really “get” me. Do you sniff rawhide, too??
      Love & Licks,

  3. […] important for writers to have ideas. Lots of ideas! Mom saves her ideas in her phone, so she never feels blank or blocked or blah or […]

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