Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Writing Group

Every once in a while, Mom goes to her writing group named David. Mom and David talk about writing stories, and they help make their work get better and better. David writes good ideas all over Mom’s story, and Mom does the same to David’s story. Then Mom goes on her computer and does revising. She says, “Revising is important.” and “It makes stories tighter, smarter, and more focused.” and “Where are you going with your empty bowl?”


Last week, the name of Mom’s writing group changed. All of a sudden, it’s not just David! Some new writers joined up and now the group is called DavidLaurieandOtherDavid. That’s a mouthful!

Some new dogs joined my therapy dog group at the VA Home, too. Their names are Scout and Buddy. We don’t really help each other write stories, but we help each other make people smile. Maybe I should call the VA Home ScoutBuddyCharlieCuddlesDottieMoTaz… OK, no. That’s too much of a mouthful.

No matter what they’re called, groups of friends that help us are good. Making work better is good. Making people smile is good.



Comments on: "Writing Group" (5)

  1. I love the name of your group “DavidLaurieandOtherDavid”. I can’t wait for more new members to join! 🙂

  2. Mom’s group sounds fun, and friendly. Your group sounds like a lot of friends. Either way, lucky you guys. Friends and fun and writing, revising, and smiling. Life is grand!

    • Yes, Gemma. Sometimes, life IS grand. Mom and I do some activities, and then we hang out and rest and eat Cheerios. Well, she rests. I eat Cheerios. Soon, you will do activities and rest and eat Cheerios with us! That will be super fun.
      Love and Licks,

  3. YAY, and Amen

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