Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Picture Book Month

November is Picture Book Month. Mom LOVES picture books. She reads them and writes them like crazy. Sometimes she even draws them. Mom says, “I love to draw.” and “I can draw ANYTHING.” and “Don’t chew the colored pencils!” 

Pictures are NOT my favorite thing at all. To me, it’s a lot of, “Sit still.” and “Be a good girl.” and “Don’t eat your dress.” Pictures can be difficult. On the upside, when Mom takes my picture, she bribes me with Cinnamon Cheerios, which are delicious. They almost make it worthwhile to behave. 

This week Mom is working on a picture book about a boy who is determined to build a perfect snowman. He builds it, but then realizes it’s perfectly boring!  So he starts playing in the snow with all his friends and his perfect snowman becomes ammunition in a super-fun snowball fight. Mom will send her story to a publisher, and if she’s lucky, it will be a wonderful picture book someday.  Personally, I think it would be better if I was in it, instead of a naughty dog named Tiger. He’s not the only one who loves the snow!


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  1. Good luck with the book!!!

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