Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Countdown Wednesday

This Wednesday (or whatever day this is), Mom and I are counting down to Halloween. I’m counting in a good way, but Mom is not a fan.

Things I Love About Halloween.

3. Costumes! I love love LOVE dressing up. This year, I’m going to be a ladybug. I was a ladybug last year, too, but Mom says we can recycle that costume because it’s so cute.  Plus, I never grow, so it will always fit. Maybe I’ll be a ladybug next year, too!

2. Candy. I am not allowed to eat candy, but just knowing it’s here makes me feel happy (and hyper).

1. Kids. Kids are the perfect size for licking and snuggling. Lots of kids will be looking for me on Halloween. Kids like dogs… And ladybugs.

Things Mom Doesn’t Love About Halloween.

3. Costumes! Mom says she hasn’t dressed up for Halloween in ages. She bought an orange ‘Happy Halloween’ shirt, and said, “This is as good as it gets.”

2. Candy. Mom buys TONS of candy for the trick or treaters.  When tons of trick or treaters don’t come, she has to eat ALL the leftover candy herself! I think she secretly likes this, because every time I try to help her eat the candy, she chases me away.

1. Halloween stories that get rejected. Mom has written a poem called The 13 Days of Halloween. It’s kind of like The 12 Days of Christmas, but …well, scary. And longer because of the 13th day.  Mom also wrote a story called Halloween Headache. It’s about a boy who’s afraid of wearing a Halloween costume. Both the story and the poem have been rejected a time or two, but Mom says, “We can work on them some more.” and “Maybe I’ll submit the poem as a song.” and “Don’t eat your antennae!!”

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