Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Mom Speaks Monday

Well, Cupcake is asleep, so I have a chance to speak. I’ll make it quick, because once she wakes up it’ll be time to play, eat treats, cuddle, and walk around the neighborhood.

I’m entering a contest this week on the web site The prize? A publishing contract! OK, the book will be published online, but a contract is a contract, so count me in. Once I format the story correctly, tweak a few changes, and upload it, it’ll be time to cross my fingers and hope. There will be voting involved, so stay tuned for that. Winning would be SO exciting! I’ll put the link in the Blogroll, in case any other authors want to compete.

Once when I entered the Highlights Fiction Contest, I lost, but they bought my story anyway.  I love winning, but in that case, losing was good with me. I plan to enter again this year. Winning would be great, but losing and selling the story will be fine and dandy.

Cupcake likes contests, too. Last year she won a calendar contest, and got her funny little face on a Page-a-Day Dog Calendar. Super-cute!

Uh-oh.  I hear little feet ticking around in there.  …And paper rustling!  What’s she into now?! Gotta go!

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