Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Mom Speaks Monday

Yes. Cupcake has the day off, and it’s my turn to speak. Finally. Oh and yes, I know it’s not Monday. 

Can a baby be a private investigator? Can an extinct dodo bird hatch in the woods behind your house? Can colored pencils make everything you draw come to life? YES! If you’re a writer, you can create worlds where these things happen. If you’re a reader, you can visit those worlds whenever you want.

 When you create a piece of writing, it’s a chance for dreams, imaginings, and everyday events in your life to grow, develop, and become complete, brand new stories. All you need is the tiniest seed of an idea and a big dose of your imagination. Ideas can pop up anywhere, from a potato chip bag that looks like a parrot to a fat spider sitting in a web on your front porch. If you look at the world through the eyes of a writer, your imagination will always be busy changing what you see and hear into a creative new idea.

I think it’s time for Cupcake to get back to work, now.  I don’t want her getting lazy….

Uh-Oh.  It may be too late!

Comments on: "Mom Speaks Monday" (2)

  1. If a big, ol’ orange pumpkin can turn into a a beautiful, royal coach… Well, imagine that! As always, mom, you are correct. We pumpkins are well aware of the impact of imagination.

    • Hi Gemma,
      Imagination is huge around here! Once I took Mom’s glasses and brought them on the couch with my toy collection. They felt cold so I tucked them under my belly to warm them up. They got a little soft and a little twisted. Mom said, “I canNOT imagine WHAT you were thinking!!”
      I love your giant pumpkin head. I think you could fit a lot of fun imagination stuff in there!
      Love and licks,

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