Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom is going to a Webinar. I don’t like when she “goes” anywhere – unless I’m allowed to go, too. I sat by the door and sat by the door, but nothing happened. Finally she dressed me up in my harness and leash, and we left. Outside, I pulled and pulled as hard as I could and dragged Mom to the car.

 She said, “No.” and “Heel.” and “Why did I take you to obedience school?”

 It turns out that the Webinar isn’t today. It’s next week. And even better, it’s on the computer, so I won’t have to stay home alone and be a “good girl.” Whew!

 Mom will watch the Webinar, read the computer screen, and listen to people telling her how to make her picture books better. One of her picture books is about me. Her writing group named David already told her how to make it better. Maybe the Webinar will make it even better than that! Too bad for you, David.

 I hope she keeps my harness and leash shined up and ready to go.  When that story gets published, I’m going to every author talk and school visit with her! No more home alone and “good girl” for me!

Road trip!

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