Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Creative people are my favorite kind of people. I guess that’s because Mom is a writer, and she has to be creative every day. 

She likes to watch TV shows where people make something from nothing. When she watches Project Runway, she says, “I can’t believe they made something so beautiful from just an idea.” When she watches Chopped, she says, “How can they make such delicious meals from such mismatched, unusual ingredients?” and sometimes she says, “Get off the remote! I do NOT want to record Real Housewives of NJ!” 

I got a gift from a creative person last week. It’s a new pink collar with yummy pictures of cupcakes all over it.  Cupcakes! Get it? Like my name! My friend Maui’s mom made it for me.  She has a company named Lollipup Collars, so people can buy collars to make their dogs look pretty, like me.

Maui’s mom and my mom are two of my favorite creative people.  Check out my Blogroll to see more special doggie collars or to read more about Mom’s book.  And do something creative today!  I know I will….

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  1. Cupcake, Creativity. Isn’t it great! It gives you such a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you see the end result. Lollipup’s creations are unique and yours especially. Stunning! Rocky and Marshall would need collars the size of hula hoops, though. I don’t know if they come that big. My two favorites are sold, wouldn’t cha know. The peace sign and the skull. So goes it. Keep those creative juices flowing, girl. You are mom’s inspiration.

    • Hi Gemma,
      Sometimes creativity scares people. We are not afraid – you, me, and Mom. We stare it down and make it happen. Mom says Etsy is her goal for you. Her goal for me is to learn to use my powers for good instead of evil. Evil? Who, me?

      Love and Licks,

  2. Evil! No! Precocious, perhaps. Inquisitive, maybe. But, no, not evil. Etsy? Hmmmm.

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