Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom got an exciting letter from Turtle Magazine! They said they are “holding” her story called Waiting for Petey. HOLDING!! I absolutely love holding. When Mom is holding me, I can lick her face, lay my head on her shoulder, and drink from her coffee cup if she’s not paying attention. 

At Read to a Pet Night at the library, Mom holds me for a long time, while little kids read stories to me. Then they pet me, give me treats, and say that I’m cute.  Holding is awesome. 

Mom said, “The letter says holding is no guarantee.” and “Holding is better than rejection.” and “Hold it right there, Missy!” Then she stuck her hand in my mouth and pulled out the delicious paperclip I found. Rats. 

The bottom of the letter says they’ll let Mom know when her story will appear in the magazine. Mom said, “That’s guarantee enough for me!”

 Me too!  Let’s have some coffee and a paperclip!


Comments on: "Holding" (2)

  1. You seem to reap the benefits from holding. Here’s hoping mom does, too. I’m holding my fingers crossed.

    • Thank you for holding your fingers crossed, Gemma. I would hold my paws crossed, but I am so clumsy already, I think I would slip, trip, tumble, and hit the deck even more than I usually do! I’m pretty sure Mom’s fingers are crossed like crazy.
      Love & licks,

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