Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Starting Over

Mom is trying to submit a story to an educational publisher.  It’s her first time, and she said it’s way more complicated than she thought.  She said, “Questionnaire – check.” and “Cover letter – check.” and “Did you rip the tail off your bunny?” 

After she cleaned up the bunny fur and stuffing, she looked at her computer some more and said, “UGH!  I have to start this coverletter over to put in all this information.” and “What do these people WANT from me?!”

Starting over is the WORST.  Sometimes when I accidentally chase a squirrel, Mom pulls my leash back and says, “Let’s start over.”  That sounds like a great idea to her, but to me it’s, “Goodbye, squirrel…”  I back up and walk nicely and try not to misbehave.  What does this woman WANT from me!?

Comments on: "Starting Over" (3)

  1. Starting over – just consider it a ‘honing’ of something that is already quite good. About the squirrel thing. I’d rethink that. You thought that pit bull was scary? Squirrels are the WORST! Stick to stuffed bunnies and chase you’re tail, girlfriend! P.S. Love the dress! G

    • Hi Gemma and Christine!
      I enjoyed your comments very much. When I read them, they sounded like blah blah blah about Mom and I’m pretty in my dress. So, thank you. I love being pretty.
      Love & Licks,

  2. Christine said:

    Cupcake, Mom is right. Starting over is VERY hard. It’s much easier to keep on plugging, follow through & finish the first time. BTW, you look adorable in your sundress. However, you’ve got to stop torturing mutilating your bunny!

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