Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


My recovery is going nicely. I took my final pill last night, which is a bummer, because nothing tastes better than a delicious antibiotic capsule “hidden” inside a delicious blob of cream cheese. Yum.  Instead of wearing a sock on my foot to protect my stitches,  I am now wearing a bandana, which I think is a stronger look for me.

Mom said recovery is more important than anything. She said, “Don’t worry, you’ll feel better tomorrow.” and “Everybody gets knocked down. What matters is getting back up.” and “Let’s change that red bandana. You look like a gang-banger.”

Mom is trying to recover from being told that her almost-finished picture book, SuperBaby would be better as a chapter book.  That was not good news for her, since she’s a picture book writer.  She said, “Maybe I can try it.” and “I’m not sure I know HOW to write a chapter book.” and “I have a headache.”

I quickly ran to the couch and hopped up there so we could recover together.  But mom never came.  She keeps sitting at the computer mumbling and typing and typing and mumbling. 

Don’t worry, Mom, you’ll feel better tomorrow….

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  1. Cupcake, so glad you’re mending. Hurt doggies make me so sad. And….Yes! I agree – a chapter book will be marvelous (but lots of computer sitting).

    • Thanks, Barbara! I am feeling much better now that my stitches are out. I’m not sure I want Mom doing a lot of computer sitting. I enjoy park sitting, couch sitting, and car sitting much better. Too much computer sitting makes me get bored and then I do naughty things. Once when Mom was working too much, I bit the ears off my stuffed bunny. Now it looks like a hamster.

  2. Cupcake, Rocky and Marshall send their best. They are jumping for joy that you are recovering so nicely. Well, maybe not jumping. Rock’s hip is bothering him so, and Marshmallow, well, he’s getting on in years so jumping is a poor choice of words. but they both are thinking of you and wishing you well. Now about this chapter book. Both of you!!!! Quit your mumbling and grumbling and get on with it. It sounds so fun! Super baby? So many possibilities. Let’s get going! Start with, Chapter two…

    • Thanks, Marsh and Rocky. Don’t worry, Gemma, they can still jump for joy in their heads and in their hearts. Mom laughed her head off when she read your comment. Plus, she said the word, “Look who’s talking!!” I wonder what she means by that…..

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