Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.

~Maya Angelou~

I encountered a defeat last weekend.  A giant mean dog attacked me and bit my neck!  Ugh.  What a meanie!  It all happened very fast.  He pulled away from his owner and accidentally thought I was his lunch.  Ouch.  Being chewed by a 200 pound monster is scary, but I tried to fight back the best I could.  Mom said, “It all happened in a split second, but it felt like it went on and on for hours.” Tell me about it….

Mom encounters defeat sometimes, but she doesn’t have to go to the emergency vet and she doesn’t get surgery.  Her defeat comes when she writes a story or a poem she absolutely LOVES and then other people don’t like it.  Mom said, “That’s what revision is for.” and “I can definitely tighten up this dialog a little.” and “STOP SCRATCHING YOUR STITCHES!” 

Some authors love to revise.  Mom is not one of them.  She loves things the way they are, and only revises because she has to.  Mom said, “I can take some of this out, put some more of this in, and move some of this around.” and “STOP SCRATCHING YOUR STITCHES!”  Then she put one of her striped socks on my scratchiest scratching foot.  Bummer.

Mom is not defeated.  She keeps writing and revising and revising and revising.  I am not defeated either.  I keep resting and taking my medicine, and TRYING not to scratch my stitches with my striped sock foot, but boy do they ITCH!!

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  1. Joan Tortorello said:

    Sorry to read about Cupcake’s encounter with a very bad dog. I trust the stitches are healing up nicely and all is well! Please give her a big hug for me! =o) Joan

    • Thanks, Joan. The stitches from my encounter with the giant meanie are healed up nicely. My hair is trying to grow back, but it looks all swirly, scrawny, and weird, and feels like sticks. Mom makes a funny face and says, “That’s just perfect.” I love being perfect.

      Love and licks,

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