Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Mom submitted three poems and a story to Ladybug Magazine today.  They like the poems to be short (under 20 lines)  and funny.  They like the stories to be short (800 words or less) and not too “cutesy”.  Mom said, “This is funny.” and “This is cute, but not too cute.” and “Get away from the door.  It’s too hot to sit outside!”

Almost every day, we sit outside in the grass.  Mom ties me to her chair on my long, tie-out chain.  Then she reads her Kindle, and I try not to be naughty. 

Sometimes, I bark at the UPS truck.  Mom says, “Leave him alone, and let him do his work.” What about MY work?? 

Other times, I chase bees.  Mom says, “It’s all fun and games till somebody is wearing a cone on her head!” Why would Mom wear a cone on her head??

One day, I ate a butterfly.  She kind of saw me, but didn’t believe her eyes.  She said, “Oh, no, you didn’t.”  Oh, yes, I did….

Comments on: "Ladybugs and Butterflies" (3)

  1. dianna young said:

    Hi, I’m gina’s mom, time sure flies by. Must tell u how much I enjoy your writings & cupcake, God Bless. Dianna Young

    • Thanks, Dianna! Cupcake and Maggie are great Facebook friends! I love that you’re keeping up with the nutty things my nutty little dog is talking about!
      Hugs from Cupcake and me,

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