Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Blast off!!” 

That’s what my 5th grade friends said, over and over at the HCA Rocket Launch. Then – Whooosh! – a trail of smoke streaked up to the sky. And – Pop!- a little red parachute appeared. And – Slowly, slowly, slowly – down floated the rockets, one after another. Every single blast-off made me shiver a little, but I LOVED it! 

Mom said when she writes a new story, it’s like building a rocket.  You get it started and then keep working on it till it’s the best it can be.  Stories sitting inside the computer are like the rockets sitting inside the 5th grade classroom (waiting for the rain to stop) – tons of fun to make, but if you don’t launch them, they’ll never go anywhere.  Submitting them is the blast-off. 

Mom says, “Get in the car.” I don’t do it the first time she says it, of course. I wait till she throws a treat into the back seat. Then I hop in, and we drive to the mailbox. Mom says, “3, 2, 1, blast off.” I wait for the smoke trail and the shivery-whooshy noise and the pop. The mailbox squeaks, and I think that’s it, but even without the smoke or the noise, Mom shivers just a little. I do too. 

When she gets back in the car, Mom says, “It’s on its way” and “This one feels lucky.” and “Did you take the gum out of my pocketbook again!?” 

Mom always hopes that her stories don’t slowly, slowly slowly come back rejected. Personally, I kind of enjoy those little red parachutes. So don’t tell Mom, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few float back.

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  1. Joan Tortorello said:

    The 5th graders were thrilled that you and your mom could join us on rocket day. We waited a long time for the perfect sunny day, but it was worth the wait. It always is. The freeze dried ice cream was a big hit! Thanks for making a very memorable day even better.

    • Thanks, Joan! Mom and I had a blast. I’m glad you all enjoyed the astronaut ice cream. I wanted to try it, but Mom said, “Get your nose out of the bag.” and “That’s not for you.” and “Ugh. Stop drooling!” ….Story of my life.
      Love and licks,

  2. Christine said:

    Hi Cupcake, It sounds like you had an interesting & fun day. I like what you said about Mom’s stories sitting inside the computer being like the rockets sitting inside the classroom – if you don’t launch them, they won’t go anywhere. You are very wise and profound!

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