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Rocket Ships

Tomorrow, Mom is invited to watch some of her 5th grade friends launch model rockets that they built.  Is that news?  Not really.  The news is I’m invited, too!  I never even SAW a model rocket.  Mom says, “It’ll be a good experience for you.” and “Maybe it’ll turn into a story someday.” and “Don’t embarrass me!”

Mom already wrote a story about me, so this means – SEQUEL!  Maybe…Cupcake Builds a Rocket or Cupcake, the Amazing, Astronaut Dog or Cupcake Saves the Day.  Mom says maybe: Cupcake-Waits-in-the-Car-Because-She’s-Afraid-of-the-Noise.  Uh-Oh.  I hope not.  I think I love rockets, and I definitely love 5th graders.

Next time Mom goes to her writing group named David, she is going to work on my story, Cupcake Learns.  I’m pretty sure it’s all about how smart I am.  She wants to send it to a publisher, so I can be famous.

I’ve already picked out my outfit for the rocket launch.

Maybe I’ll wear it when I’m famous, too.

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  1. Christine said:

    Dear Cupcake, you look absolutely ADORABLE! Adorable to me because I know you but the “look” actually conveys beautiful & sophisticated. I think you would make a good anchor dog for a major channel – the prime evening spot, of course. I will write to all the major networks & see what I can do with my “connections”.

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