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Fairy Tale

It’s the royal wedding today.  Mom has been glued to the TV all morning.  When we went for our walk, she said, “Hurry up — I’m missing it.” and “We’re not out here sightseeing.”  Really?  Because usually I AM out there sightseeing! 

The wedding is like a fairy tale dream come true.  Princes, princesses, palaces, parades, and parties.  Personally, I prefer treats, toys, tummy tickling, and taking a walk.  That’s a dream come true for me.

Mom wrote a fairy tale once.  It’s called The Monster and Princess Kaitlyn.  She hopes it gets published someday soon. Here’s how it starts…

           Once upon a time, there was a princess named Kaitlyn.  She lived in a palace with 500 rooms; 200 servants; her mom, the queen; her dad, the king; a cat named Butterbean; and a monster that lived under her bed.

            Sometimes, late at night, the monster crawled out and got into mischief.  One night, the monster ate coconut cookies from the royal cookie jar, she pulled Butterbean’s royal tail, and she played with Kaitlyn’s toys and didn’t even put them back into the royal toy box.  The king and queen awoke to find coconut cookie crumbs all over the kitchen, blocks, dolls, trucks, and teddy bears all over the playroom, and a freaked-out cat on top of the royal refrigerator. 

Mom says when her fairy tale gets published, she will go to schools for author visits and wear a tiara.  I guess she thinks that will be fun.  Newsflash — It’s NOT fun for me!


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  1. Christine said:

    It may not be fun for you Cuppie (royal families always have funny nicknames like “cuppie”, “fritzie”, “Jules”, “your royal highness” – whoops! I forgot that’s a real name. And, with that tiara you ate or are “her majesty, the Queen”. Start acting like one, for Pete’s sake. Demand those lucious treats, command that your toys be brought to you on s royal pillow. You look beautiful, your royal highness

    • Thanks for your suggestions, Christine. You’re absolutely right. I need to behave more royally around here. I’ll start by not eating as much goose poop when we walk around the park. And maybe I won’t run and hide when the recycling truck comes. Yes! That’ll be a great start to becoming royal.

      Love & licks,
      Queen Cupcake

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