Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


I know — Today is not Tuesday.  It’s Wednesday.  But Mom took my picture on Tuesday, so that should count for something!  I think I look adorable by the tulips at the park.  Mom said it was lucky we took the picture BEFORE I walked around in the mud. All the tulips in the world wouldn’t make me look cute after that!

I thought it was lucky that we went to the park at all.  Mom has been busy working hard on one of her stories.  She went to a writing conference and then met with her critique partner, so she has a lot to think about.   Sometimes she ignores me because of too much thinking.  Then, I get bored.  I can make her stop thinking when I bark out the window at the dog across the street, and she has to stop thinking when I fall asleep on the remote control and TV channels start changing themselves.  She says, “Can’t you be good?” and “I’m trying to revise, here.”

When she says that, I run to the cookie jar and wait for a treat.  I don’t know what revising means, but in case it means a MilkBone, I want to be ready.

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