Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Yesterday, Mom was gone all morning.  She went to visit some kids at Hawthorne Christian Academy.   She read to them and talked to them about being an author.  Isn’t that usually MY job?

When she finally came home she was really happy.  She said the kids were “adorable – so smart and so enthusiastic and they LOVED learning new things.”  What about me?  I used to be the adorable one around here!  I love to learn new things (sometimes).

Mom said their teachers Ms. Tortorello and Ms. Mulford are “a couple of the cool teachers.”  They make rockets with the kids, enter tons of contests which they WIN, they have parties, and do all kinds of fun projects.  What about me?  I used to be the cool one around here!  I entered some contests (which I lost).

Mom said the school was “beautiful and state of the art.”  It was modern – with great technology, lots of space, colors, decorations, and windows.  What about me?  I used to be the beautiful one around here!  I have colors all over me (especially on my face – and on my Easter dress).

Ms. Tortorello gave Mom a gift.  It’s a giant praying mantis.  Mom says she has to be careful with it because it’s delicate.  She says it’s “awesome, and will bring good luck.”  What about me?  I used to be the lucky charm around here!  Hmmmm….

I started to wonder if Mom still loved me, or if I was losing my magic.  Then we took a walk to look for my friend Lila.  When we came home, Mom gave me treats, threw my stuffed lizard around, let me lick some yogurt from the bottom of her cup, and then we cuddled on the couch.  Mom said, “Cupcake you are adorable.”

ADORABLE! I’m back!

I hope I don’t get into any trouble and ruin everything…..


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  1. Definitely ADORABLE!

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