Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Tonight, I’m working at the library.  It’s Read-to-a-Pet-Night and guess who the pet is… ME!  I know I’ll have a wonderful time, because I love the library.  Somehow, libraries manage to be peaceful, but exciting, and full of learning, but full of fun.

It’ll be great to meet all the kids and listen to all the stories they read to me.  I hope some of them pick books about dogs, but I also like books about princesses, teddy bears, frogs, and racing cars.  If anybody picks a book about cats or construction vehicles, I’ll listen politely because it’s my job, but I will NOT like it.

Mom will have a wonderful time, too.  She enjoys holding me on her lap and talking to kids at the library.  She likes listening to dog stories, just like me.  She also likes books about swans, friends, school, and ballerinas.  She doesn’t mind cat stories or books about construction vehicles, but she does not like history or math. 

Sometimes, Mom gets jealous at the library.  She thinks her unpublished books are just as good as the published books on the shelves.  She says, “There’s ten minutes I’ll never get back….” and “How did THAT ever get published?” It doesn’t make her sad; it makes her work harder at her writing.  Working hard is good for her (and even better for me!). She’ll get ideas, type on the computer, and then ROAD TRIP!  We’ll take a ride in the car to the mailbox.  I like when she works hard.

Now, all I have to do is decide which dress to wear to the library tonight….

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