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I hate the mailman.  He comes to my house almost every single day.  I bark and growl, and throw myself against the front door the minute I hear him.  I don’t like his bag or his ring of mailbox keys or the way he says, “Calm down in there, Cupcake.”  

Mom says, “What’s all the noise?” and “When will your tiny brain learn that the mailman is not your enemy?” 

She LOVES the mailman.  She says he might be bringing us “good news.”  Unless good news is code for a-toy-that-she-ordered-online, I don’t care about it.  She talks to the mailman in the hallway for a while, and then comes inside with a pile of stuff that is usually NOT a-toy-that-she-ordered-online.  She looks through the mailman things and says the words, “Bills. Ugh.”  and,  “Catalogues. Hmmm.” and once in a while, “Contract! Yay!”

Today, she finally agreed with me.  She looked through her mailman things and said, “Rejection. Bummer.  I HATE the mailman.”


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  1. Cupcake, Tell mom to hang in there – Why am I telling you this. You know she is the Queen of “Hope Springs Eternal”! Get this: Mercury is in Retrograde between March 30 and April 23 (I read this somewhere). This can cause events to repeat. So if she can get a contract within that period, she will be flooded with those babies! (This is my spin on the whole retrograde thing.) So bring it on, mail person! We are waiting on some good news! Bark on!!

    • You’re right, Gemma! She IS the Queen of Hope…! Meanwhile, that whole Retrograde thing is blowing my tiny mind. I LOVE that idea. I marked the calendar with a drool spot so I’ll remember when it starts. If the dreaded mailman doesn’t bring us a contract (or a toy-that-she-ordered-online) during that time, he’s going down!

      Love and licks,

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