Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom is working on a poetry collection.  AGAIN with the poetry! She has over 50 poems inside her computer.  I don’t know how they all fit into that tiny thing!  I wonder if that freaky Cat-in-a-Hat is in there, too.  Ugh.

She says for her collection she is just taking what she has and choosing her 15 favorites.  It’s hard to choose, because she loves all of them.  That happens to me sometimes, when I want to make a collection of toys on the couch.  I try to pick my favorites, but I love them all!  Mom says, “That’s enough toys.” and “This place is a MESS!”  That’s when I know I’ve done well with the collection.

Mom is choosing some poems that rhyme, some that don’t, some short ones, and some long ones.  She says a collection needs variety.  I know that – some that squeak, some that talk, some rubber ones, and some that are good to chew.  I love collections.


Comments on: "Collection" (2)

  1. Christine said:

    Can I come over & play with your toys, Cupcake? I have collections too. Angels, books (100’s if them), gemstones. I can’t share the gemstones with you because if you swallow one, you will get a terrible tummy-ache & have to go to the dteaded VET!

    • Vet?! GULP. I love you, Christine, but please don’t say that word to me. And just for the record, if I saw a gemstone, I would eat it first and ask questions later.

      Love & Licks,

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