Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

A New Week

It’s the beginning of a new week of writing – except Mom says it won’t be a whole lot of actual writing for the next few days.  It’s because of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  I hid behind the big red chair, when I heard that!  I know about doctors!  Every time I go to the doctor, she looks in my ears, shines a bright light in my eyes, gives me a needle, and sometimes, she touches things that shouldn’t be touched…..  Yikes.  I don’t know this Dr. Seuss woman, but I’m hiding, just in case.

Mom says, “Get out of there before you get stuck.”  and “What goes on in your tiny brain?”  She says Dr. Seuss was a nice man who wrote funny stories and poems, kind of like she does, except he was super-famous.  Apparently, whenever it’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday, grown-ups read stories to kids.  No ear checking, no needles, no bright lights, and no touching things that shouldn’t be touched.  Whew!

Soon, Mom will visit 3 different schools to celebrate Dr. Seuss.  She’ll read her book to 3 different bunches of kids and talk to them about being a writer.  This week, she will get ready by practicing what she will say to the kids.  I can watch her practice, but I am not allowed to go with her to the schools because she will be “busy working” and I “don’t know how to behave.”  I wonder if she’ll tell the bunches of kids about me.  Duh.  Of course she will! 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, whoever you are!


Comments on: "A New Week" (2)

  1. Cupcake, LOVE the party hat! It puts me in a festive mood just looking at you. BTW, did you leave any cake for me?

    • Hi Christine,
      I’m happy you like my picture. I’m still getting used to wearing hats and clothes.
      I never leave a crumb of anything I eat – and if anybody else leaves a crumb, I slurp it up from the floor. Sorry. Come to think of it, sometimes I even eat my hats and clothes!
      Love and licks,

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