Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom is doing an interview with a website called  An interview means they ask her questions and she answers them.  Piece of cake!  Mom asks me questions all the time.  I always have the same answer, “YES! Of course I want a cookie!”  Sometimes she gives me a cookie, but sometimes, she says, “It has nothing to do with cookies.  Get away from the cookie jar!”  Then I give her this face…

‘Nuff said. 

Mom says she likes doing the interview, because it’s all about her.  To me, it looks boring.  She types and mumbles and types and mumbles.  Then she drinks coffee and types and mumbles again.  When I get bored of the interview, I bring her toys, steal gum out of her pocketbook, or stand by the door till she takes me outside for a walk.

All about her… I think not.

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