Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom is published again. Yay! She wrote a cool recipe. It’s in the January/February issue of a kiddie magazine.  At least I HOPE it’s a kiddie magazine and not a KITTY magazine!  Ugh.  I hate those guys.

The recipe is called Pinwheel Bagel. Yum. I almost ate a bagel once, when it fell on the floor.  If it didn’t make such a big noise, I might have gotten it onto the couch.  Once I’m there, I can usually eat in peace for a few minutes, before Mom catches me and says, “That’s poison!” or “That’s my sock!” or one of my favorites, “Where’s the other half of this $20 bill?”

Anyway, the recipe is about bagels and cream cheese and peaches.  If you make it right, it will look like a pinwheel.  It’s in a magazine called Turtle.

Mom has a pet turtle in the kitchen.  His name is Leave-the-Turtle-Alone.  One of these days, I plan to figure out how to get my face through the bars of his house.  Then, I’ll say, “Hello, Leave-the-Turtle-Alone.  What’s that behind you?”  When he turns his head and he’s not looking, I’ll take one of his blueberries and bring it on the couch to eat.  I can’t wait!

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  1. […] What is your favorite post you have written (link to it)? I like all of my posts, of course, but I especially like one from long ago named Turtle. […]

  2. You are the cutest, Cupcake. Enjoy those $20 bills. 🙂

  3. Turtles eat blueberries? I did not know that. I would think Leave-the-Turtle-Alone would be friendly enough to share–at least once, for barking out loud. Good luck with that, Cupcake. It is so nice of you to want to make a new friend, especially when others are against it.

    • Thanks, S. I am very friendly, plus I like to eat. Leave -the-Turtle-Alone doesn’t live here anymore. He lives with one of Mom’s friends, now. So I have to beg all my foods from Mom.

      Love and licks,

  4. […] in the fall. Mom got me 2 costumes. One of them is a turtle costume. We used to have a turtle named Leave-the-Turtle-Alone. I hope Mom doesn’t change my name to Leave-the-Dog-Alone. That would be too […]

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