Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Today was another work day.  Mom found an old essay that she wrote at writing class, way back when I wasn’t even born.  It’s an essay about when her brother was in the army and going to someplace called Vietnam.  I thought Vietnam sounded delicious.  Mom said, “It’s not something to eat.” and “Calm down.”

She has worked on the essay for days and days.  Today, she said, “It’s ready.  Chicken Soup for the Soul, here I come!”

I know for sure that chicken is something to eat, but she said, “Calm down” again.  She looked and looked and looked at her computer.  Then she did a tired breath, like I do when I play with my stuffed snake too much.  But she wasn’t even playing!  It turns out the new story doesn’t fit into any of the Chicken Soup books, yet.

Mom mumbled, “I’ll check back again, soon.”  To me it sounded like she said, “MilkBone” so I’m waiting by my cookie jar.  I wonder when she’s coming….

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