Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Meet Cupcake


Hello Blog-Readers!

My name is Cupcake.  I’m a Jack Russell mix recently rescued. My name is proof of how sweet I am – sweet like a cupcake, get it?

Don’t be alarmed by that empty expression on my face.  I am A LOT smarter than I look.  I have to be – my mom was a teacher!  Ugh.  She can’t stop teaching me new things, even though she’s not a teacher anymore.  Now she writes books and poetry for kids.  She even wrote one about me!

I’ve decided to blog, since I can’t speak.  I mean, I can “speak” but I can’t speak, at least not in English.  I’ll keep you updated on what my mom is up to in her writing work, and what I’m up to in my playing work.  So drop around often and chat with me. 

Love and licks,

Cupcake, the blogging dog

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